Injury Solutions & Sports Medicine

Injury Solutions & Sports Performance offers the newest experience in the analysis and treatment of musculoskeletal injury and performance care.

We are Virginia's first member of the ART Elite Provider Network. Combined with our advanced knowledge of exercise science, nutrition, and sports medicine, Injury Solutions is your first choice for any type of repetitive stress or soft tissue sports injury.

Our Services

We believe in finding the cause, not just treating the symptoms.
We use a three-pronged treatment system to alleviate injuries.


Kinetic Chain Evaluation

Often pain is a result of imbalance and biomechanical flaws. With conditions such as Shoulder Impingement, ITB Syndrome, Plantar Fascitis and even Chronic Back Pain, the reason or cause is not simply the site of the injury.


Restore Proper Function

The cornerstone of what we do is the cutting-edge technology of ART (Active Release Technique) and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. ART releases tension and built-up scar tissue in soft tissue structures.


Performance Care

We seek to isolate problems before they turn into injuries by educating clients on proper stretching and strengthening techniques. This may also include integrating other therapeutic models from the excercise science community.


I started treatment with Jim for a pulled hamstring. Told by my doctors I would miss 4-6 months of training, after one week with Jim, I was doing speed work...four weeks later I was running Boston Marathon as scheduled! I now see Jim on a regular basis, taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach to my training.
—Ryan Carroll - Sub Elite Runner—
I was unable to run or bike for over 6 months due to hip injury. After a few treatments with Jim, I am training again and looking forward to my next race.
—Chrissy K. - Ironman Triathlete—
My active lifestyle and Ironman Training nearly came to a complete stop because of a nagging SI Joint problem. Doctors and Chiropractic alone provided no relief...after just one visit, I walked out pain free for the first time in months!
—Jerry Chapmon - Cyclist/Ironman—
ART substantially improved my range of motion and has assisted me in becoming more active. I would recommend ART and Jim to anyone with soft tissue injuries.
—John Anderson - Post Hip Replacement—
I started treatment at Kinetic Health for severe neck and shoulder pain following a car accident. I noticed a dramatic improvement after just two treatments. I strongly recommend ART for anyone experiencing muscle pain or injury.
—Debra Thompson—
...his professional skill was most helpful toward full recovery. I confidently recommend him.
—John von Auken - Rotator Cuff Injury—
I had spent thousands of dollars going the route of specialists, therapy, orthotics, and more specialists. One doctor gave me 3 shots of cortisone which caused the fascia to rip. Finally, I found Jim...its now been two years and a lot of miles, and my foot is still well!
—Bill Overman - Plantar Fasciitis—

About Us

Jim Browning

Jim Browning, Injury Solutions' principal, has extensive knowledge in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. He is a certified Master's ART Provider and member of ART Corporate Solutions Elite Provider Network. A runner for over 30 years, Jim and his wife Dale are raising three awesome boys in Virginia Beach.